Frequently Asked Questions

If I am registered, will doctors still try to save my life?

Yes, organ and tissue donation is considered only after all life-saving efforts have failed and it is certain you will not survive.

Will my family need to give permission even if I am a registered organ & tissue donor?

Yes, talk to your family about organ and tissue donation and discuss your wishes. Register your intent to become a donor by signing up to your provincial organ and tissue donation registry, where available, or ensure your loved ones know of your wishes.

If I am not able to donate blood, can I become an organ and tissue donor?

Yes, potential donors who are not eligible to donate blood may still be eligible for organ or tissue donation. So please register your donation wishes. The medical team will assess donation suitability at the time of death.

At what age am I too old to donate?

Age is not necessarily a factor – Canada’s oldest organ donor was 93 years old.

If I’m not suitable as an organ donor can I still donate my tissue?

Yes, tissue donation is possible for nearly everyone. Tissues need to be removed within 24 hours after death. Tissue donation may be an option even when organ donation is not possible

Is there a cost to my family for me to become an organ donor?

There is no cost to your family or estate if you donate organs or tissues.

If I become an organ or tissue donor, can I still have an open casket funeral?

Yes, most of the time, there is no way to tell that a person was an organ or tissue donor and so an open casket funeral is possible. The surgery to remove organs and tissues is done with the same care as any other surgery.

Does my religion allow me to be an organ & tissue donor?

Most religions respect a person’s right to make a decision about organ and tissue donation as an act of life-saving. Talk to your spiritual advisor.

Can I donate if I am still alive?

Living donation may be possible if donating a kidney, part of your liver or part of a lung.

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